What I Make

A few images of the stuff I’ve made over the years, in no particular order.

I’ve been a glassblower since 2000; I’ve been an artist my whole life. Materials are important to me, but not exclusive; thus, I use handblown glass, wax, honeycomb, bones, metal, found objects, glass vials,; scientific aparatus, graphite and paint. Art-making is a form of play and a tool for investigating ideas for me. The first glass objects I saw and related to were old reliquaries in cathedrals, containing bones and sacred fragments; at the same time in museums I saw ancient scientific apparatus of crystal and brass. My mind conflated the two, magic and ritual with science and understanding.

As a person, I’m a little obsessive, a little repetitive, and a little enamoured of patterns. When I was sixteen I saw mystical significance in this tendancy; at 35, not so much. It’s a reflection of who I am as a person, for better or worse, (for worse, actually, a lot of the time…) and the same inclination to make obsessive drawings manifests in a compulsion to sweep crumbs into neat piles on the dinner table, or draw in the condensation rings left behind from beer bottles.

I could give you my prepared artist statement, but like I said, this is just my blog and I’d rather just be me here.

I’ve put a lot of different work here. These are just some things I’ve made over the years…some sculpture, some work from art school, the period of time when I was obsessed with making 16th century style Venetian stemware, the time when I did glassblowing demos on a cruise ship, some pictures of some funny collaborations with kids, and a bunch of my drawings and paintings.

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