Who am I: Artist, designer, glass blower, knitter, fire builder, traveller, expatriate, French speaking, book devouring encyclopedist life adventurer.

What I like: Skin and transparency…Dust and bones…Old Victorian scientific apparatus. Hair wreaths, lockets, and memory. Corsets. Zoetropes. Reliquaries. Marionettes. Old flying machines. Anything that is elaborate, intricate, full of purpose, and yet doesn’t work. The fragile, the broken, the defunct, the wonky, the tragic and the absurd. Languages. Old books. Beekeeing. Wool and fiber and felt. 3D printing. Autopoesis. Paredolia. Rituals. Vessels. Molten glass. People who make things.

This blog: An account of me finding my way in a foreign culture. About learning French, being pregnant, being scared..About art, language, glassblowing, French, knitting, bees, winemaking, object making, craft, honey, technology.

Above all it’s a meandering, complex frustrated and joyous love letter to my new home in Languedoc-Roussilon.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. It sounds like you, just talking, being the fascinating person that you are Laurie. And thanks for doing this blog, this opportunity you’ve created for me to follow you on your journey. I can hardly wait for the next ‘installment’!

  2. I just looked again at the photo of the grapes and this time I saw your rings! Sweet!
    And Mike is so pleased you used his photo of your dragon goblet coming out of the glory hole.

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