Turns out the requirements for a US passport are different than for a French identity card. Who knew?

Different background (white), different proportions.

Not like it was clearly stated on the website. Or that I completely failed to read that part.

Well, so I trucked back into Montpellier to reshoot the image…baby strapped to my chest, riding the tram. We stopped to sell some English language books at Le Bookshop, the Anglophone center…changed the baby on a brick windowsill in the Used section in the basement, the poor thing. (Yes, I put a soft pad and pillow down and cooed and sang my heart out. Still.)

It turned out the French guy working the counter knew of Winthrop and the Methow Valley, and is in fact trying to organize a football exchange at Liberty Bell High School through the football coach, which I just found to be a bizarre coincidence!

Taking the picture took ages, first to wake the baby and then to stop his confused tears. I am becoming more comfortable with pulling my boobs out (discretely of course) in public. Nonetheless, capturing the photo was, uh, challenging.

We wound up with this:



Feel free to sob with laughter. I did.

Poor baby!


4 thoughts on “Do-over

  1. Nobody does officiousdome like the Gauls..hence the word “gauling”..and Nolan is already practicing his outrage glare, which of course is the starting place for any business transaction (“impossible”)..yes, tears of laughter and with love…Paul

  2. Mais non, “impossible” n’est pas français! 🙂 Par contre le éblouissement indignés est une véritable tradition française… Donc la petite crevette peut être un demi-americain mais je pense que son esprit est tout francais! 😉

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