Oenologie et Gastronomie

Les Delices de la Moure.

Or, how the French have just NAILED the art of living well.

Mathieu was working today, pouring wine at an event in a Pignan, and thus invited me to come with his aunt and uncle.

Basically the idea of the event was this: a three hour hike through the garrigue, with stops along the way. Each stop would be a course in a meal; so the first stop would be a sort of amuse-bouche, followed by a soup, an entrée, a plat principal, a cheese course, and dessert, all while wandering in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean.

I strapped the crevette into his carrier, where he promptly fell asleep, and set off. Checking into the course, we all received a straw hat, a wine glass that you wore around your neck, and a book of little tickets to present along the way.

There were performers too…jugglers, a weird antique musical instrument that ran on ivory paper punch cards like a player piano, rattling out Scott Joplin, a pair of clowns…but of course the main event was the food.

Cool sweet melon juice with prosciutto to start, followed by a mise en bouche: asparagus truffle soup served cold with a sweet lemon bread and Parmesan slices; cod with herbs and a chive creme sauce for the entrée, (yes, on real ceramic plates)…then a little taste of grapefruit sorbet to refresh the palette, followed by a beef tart w vegetables and artichoke hearts, a cheese course with an apple confiture, apricots in honey and almond raisin bread, and for dessert: pear creme meringue with basil on a crisp lemon cookie w strawberry sorbet and pistachios, served on a square of black slate…and afterwards, espresso and blueberry violet macaroons. Oh, and something like twenty different wineries doing tastings throughout the circuit! All served in stages over three hours while hiking in the woods and through the vineyards…the cheese course served way up high so you could see the Mediterranean in the distance, cool and blue.

Some images from really a perfect day.














2 thoughts on “Oenologie et Gastronomie

  1. This sounds like an elgant and lovely masterpiece, come to life!!!

    So glad you’re getting out there, participating and enjoying your life in France, whether in the garrigue or town hall meetings. Nolan will grow up being an integral part of his town and environment, right along side of his mom and dad.

  2. Ok, first, I miss all of you, Laurie,1 Matthew, Nolan and Claude (sorry for spelling errors), second, I wish we had been on this hike with you all, third, come to the M and let’s do it here, fourth, why don’t we all eat this way?, fifth, we are here in the M telling many stories of our far away friend and her amazing life and new partners very fun -you are remembered!!!!

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