Je vais péter le feu

I’m working on the birth announcement, the actual-to-goodness, on paper, sent through the post birth announcement, which seems hilarious since I’ve been spraying birth announcements all over the interwebs like a cut firehose.

But, you know, we’d like to send something (concrete, tangible, fridge-magnet-attachable) to all our family on both sides of the ocean too, and also, you get tons of coupons in a special box when you are discharged from the clinic here. Including coupons for birth announcement-making photo websites, and I’m a sucker for a bon marché, know what I’m sayin’?

It’s funny though, to be going analog with the announcement. We live in such a digital world that I was texting my sister during the labor and posted the announcement on Facebook. Got over a hundred “Likes”, which I’m sure means something. 😛 I am pretty sure everyone knows about the crevette, but it’s not like I mind doing more.

The joy pours out…you find yourself wanting to stop strangers on the street to scroll through pictures, and fortunately, Cournonterral being a small village, people are pretty willing to accommodate me, since everyone knows the Bousquets. (Nolan’s birth marks the fifth generation of Bousquets in Cournonterral!)

We stopped up at the Clos d’Elle cellar today so Mathieu could do some work with his dad on one of the big cylindrical fermenting chambers, and Nolan’s great-grandparents came by, which meant we had four out of five generations of Bousquet men all standing around. I thought it was awfully cool.

I hear the 2014 vintage is superb. 🙂
We took our first family walk yesterday in the vineyards. Two hours, not bad for a lady that had a magical baby exit door cut into her lower belly, but I’ve seriously been feeling insanely strong and vibrant. The midwives at the hospital said I recovered faster than if I’d had a normal birth, I’ve been able to resume some gentle yoga and stretches, and the fresh air feels so good. I’d managed to take at least an hour’s walk everyday, including the ninth month, in the garrigue to shoot photos and keep on top of my somewhat precarious mood, and I think the exercise paid off…and, I have to say, there is nothing like giving birth to instantly make you feel lighter, stronger, and more agile, what with the whole overnight weight loss and magically being able to not only see but touch your toes. Sheesh. I feel spring loaded when I run up stairs.

The theme of yesterday seemed to be Red. Red baby stroller, poppies in full dizzying bloom, and the first crimson cherries on the cherry tree. We filled our pockets, wandering through acres of wine grapes, Mathieu and I with our arms wrapped around each other, drenched in southern French sunlight.




Yup. Basically I live in a Cézanne painting.

These are good days, following the birth of a little infant…everything seems possible and alive. We’re in love, we’re settling into our new roles as parents – which I guess means too we’re seeing each other differently. Getting to see your partner suddenly become something…more…it’s incredible. Also incredibly fun. Bath time last night was amazing. Waking in the night to Mathieu passing me the sleepy baby for feeding is tender and sweet and brand new still. And watching a man watch his new son with total wonder…gah. Fantastic.

We got our first pediatrician appointment, I had my first follow up visit with the sage-femme
today, and I even took an appointment at the U.S Consulate Marseilles to register Nolan’s birth, get him a Social Security number, and apply for his blue passport – in other words, get him all citizenshipped and Americanicized. Exciting stuff! And a trip to Marseilles too, which means I’ll finally get a chance to visit CIRVA, the a International Center for Research into Glass and the Plastic Arts. Read: the cool French experimental glass-based sculpture education and fabrication center. Residencies, cutting edge design, all focused on the material of hot glass. Think a weird laboratory for designers, artists and scientists playing with the gooey molten stuff…These guys are going to let me work out of there someday soon, they just don’t know it yet. Soooo excited!


One thought on “Je vais péter le feu

  1. That one photo kindof reminds me of the Methow! Do you feel at home in this Cezanne yet? I love all of your excitement and engagement right now. It seems like pregnancy was a bit isolating, and now you are thrust back into the world with a new way to belong to it. I am already imagining knowing Nolan as your grown up son, when we are old ladies–his mom’s weird old friend. How thrilling! Real life is so thrilling. xoxo

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