And…the Beginning!

Of course, it’s not the end. I go home from the clinic tomorrow and it’s actually the beginning.

Nolan Mark Christoph is doing well, and Maman is recovering really well too. I’m still in self-indulgent wonder, so I’m going to close this series of posts with some of the pictures I’ve taken while recovering and sleeping and adjusting, learning how to breast feed and change diapers and bathe babies and dodge piss streams, these last five days in the hospital.

I’ll get off my New Parent gush soon, promise. 🙂

This baby is the most beautiful, big-eyed, trusting, adorable creature I’ve ever seen, and the rush of love and adoration I get every time I look at him – it had been described to me, how this feels, but it needs to be experienced to understand how fully and completely it captures your heart, how many things that seemed important suddenly seem trivial when you look at his sleeping face. And the sight of Mathieu holding his infant son is heartbreaking and powerful. (Also having him being me raspberries and chocolate, dutifully taking home baby laundry every day and bringing in back clean, taking tons of time to cuddle and love me as well as the baby, navigating the French health care system to secure me a home aide for the first month and in-home midwife visits, acting as a buffer zone for visitors, and generally being gentle, humorous, loving and the best papa and best partner ever…big huge love.)

Feeling lucky and blessed and alive and ready to start the next big chapter of my life.

Thanks to everyone who has written, called, commented, clicked “Like”, shared your joy, and in all ways let me know how much you loved me and my family. My heart is full.

I present to you: Mister Nolan!













4 thoughts on “And…the Beginning!

  1. So very sweet, and such beautiful photos! ‘Gush’ on Laurie, because you’re so right about the tears of happiness and extreme joys of being a mother. We appreciate you sharing each new experience, and there are so many more to come.

    Congratulations Laurie and Mathieu! And congratulations to Nolan too on having such loving parents!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Laurie. So happy for you!
    Very much enjoyed reading the story of Nolan’s birth. Looking forward to continued updates 🙂

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