La Mer des Moutons de Cournonterral

Smelled it before I saw it.

Went down to take my evening hike and the air was rattling with sheep bells. They poured down the side of the hill like a river of bleating cotton balls…after the sheepdogs chased me up the hill to the bridge (and if you think this lady can’t scramble up a 45 degree incline while two barking Pyrenees sheep dogs are in hot pursuit, you got another think coming!) I photographed the tide coming in.









3 thoughts on “La Mer des Moutons de Cournonterral

  1. That’s a good sized flock of woolies! I don’t see any little lambs among them though. We have lots of little guys in the flocks around here now.
    I’m glad you were able to scramble out of their way in time. Just think of them as pre-knitting material, and you get to have the last laugh.

  2. But our sheep don’t have bells! Please be careful of running up steep hillsides for a while. Your French must be rubbing off on me. I understood the title!!!!

    • So many French words are equivalent to English words. Mouton/mutton, right? And mer is pretty well known as the word for “sea” I think…similar in Spanish and Italian too. The Sea of Sheep of Cournonterral.

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