Me and Louise

In the Story section of my blog, I sketch out the rough sequence of events that led me to give up my previous life and run off to a foreign country with a beautiful French winemaker, and I guess all the details and facets will unfold as I keep writing and processing the events of the last year.

I mention that, key to my decision to reclaiming my life and being open and willing to take chances, I took a road trip starting from Las Vegas neon, through ghost towns and hot springs, a teepee in a date farm surrounded by coyotes, Death Valley salt flats and Zabriskie Point, Yosemite and campfires, glassblowing, mimosas and 3D printing in San Francisco, through the Redwoods and up the Hippie Highway on Rt 1 all the way to Eugene, Oregon, cocktails and bookstores in Portland, houseboats and Pike Place Market in Seattle, then over the Cascades to my old funny farmhouse and bees in the Methow Valley. And I did it all with a Scottish aerialist ballet dancer named Louise, who performed on the cruise ship I was blowing glass on.

Like me, Louise was struggling with a life that no longer fit, and the road trip became a journey for both of us to prepare for the decisions and life to come. At the end of the trip, Louise completed a year long contract on a ship that took her from Venice all the way past India and Singapore to Australia and New Zealand; at the end of her contract she embarked on a university program in England studying glass and ceramics.

This woman is a force of nature.

I’ve been thinking back on our road trip more this week, because Louise has started a blog of her own, detailing her work and thoughts, and it is great. I wanted to send everyone there to check in from time to time…for me, it’s another puzzle piece in this journey.

Plus, how many trapeze artist – glassblower – massage therapist – life adventures do you know? Trust me…there’s only one.

Here’s the link:

I’m going to close with a few images from our road trip. Maybe I’ll tell the whole story someday. Enjoy!

























3 thoughts on “Me and Louise

  1. I really like the glass blower. That trip really, really needs to be a book! You have the title, ‘Me and Louise’. I want the second signed copy.

  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ the start of it all. Or al least our shared realisation… That this was it.

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