Into the Woods

There’s a small woods in the hills behind our house. It encloses the Bergerie Communale, which is a low slung stone farhouse with a huge fireplace used for wedding receptions and dinners, occasionally. You have to cross through this forest to reach the path that leads down to the cave that I walk to a couple times a week. There’s rosemary and thyme that grow around these woods, and old barbed wire embedded in the ine needles on one side.

I’ve started photographing here at different times. The weird geometry of the trees (these trees have been planted at some point, like a tree farm) and the way light passes through them makes for a strangely atmospheric, fairy tale mood, for me. Here’s soms shots over the last few days. We found a motherlode of wild leeks up there today, too.










One thought on “Into the Woods

  1. Waiting for the Prince to come out of the woods on his white horse. How come trees have leaves? It is still bare tree winter here.

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