Twenty something weeks

Twenty or twenty one? The doctor is actually counting week 22, but…Whatever, this picture is from the over-halfway-there sonogram. He had his foot over his head in some sort of super yoga pose. (The baby, not the doctor.) And I start the How to Push classes next week with the midwife. 🙂

Kicking away…kicking right now actually. Such a weird feeling, this little muscular fluttering that started feeling like a twitch and now is stronger and stronger every day. I totally love it.




5 thoughts on “Twenty something weeks

  1. Football player? (American soccer). We hope all continues well for the three of you. Names yet?

  2. Love it! I remember the wonderful kicking feeling – there’s nothing like it. I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancies (well, up to the last couple of weeks), and it sounds like you’re enjoying it, too. It won’t be long, now! I echo Mike’s question…any names yet?

    • We have some ideas but nothing for sure. Nolan (though people are spelling it Nohlan here) is the current one; but we’ve considered Lukas (pronounced Lucah) Hugo (in French it’s more like Eu-go) and Felix at different times. We’re trying to find something that both our families can easily pronounce (so no Rs or Eu sounds for my side of the family; they actually have a hard time with Mathieu’s name, kind of pronouncing it Mattoo, which sounds a lot like the French word for “big fat cat”, matou. So, there’s that. His family doesn’t pronounce the letter H in the same way, so Theo would sound more like Tayoh. And on and on.) Probably we’ll stumble into the delivery room with a couple of choices that we love and decide when we meet him! How did you guys decide on names for your kids?

      • Easy, Kay had our kids before me, so that was already taken care of. Grandkids too!

      • Your little one’s pictures are so sweet!
        Our three kids had their names chosen before they ever arrived. And back then there were no sonograms either! I can definitely see waiting until you can actually hold him in your arms to decide who he is.

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