Love Letters in the Snow

We head home tomorrow, and today greeted us with a sky full of sun and wispy cirrus clouds and a mountain full of fresh powder from the storm yesterday! So Mathieu decided to take one last afternoon to ski, and I decided to go with his brother and mother on a hike. We got to take the ski lift all the way to the top, and hiked for about two and a half hours in the sunshine.

It was so beautiful. 360′ of jagged snow covered peaks and lush pristine blankets of snow. It felt wonderfully warm and every now and then you would break through the compact layer and sink up to your hips in cold clean snow. The clouds were like feathery brushstrokes and it felt at times like we were marching through the desert, the snow sculpted into drifts and peaks like cream on a cappuccino. I

Mathieu and I are still basically besotted teenagers and are pretty much stupidly in love, and even though we were apart all day we drew messages in the snow and texted them to each other.

We met him at the base of the slope around five, and he let me stand on the back of his skis and we took a fast, exhilarating, screaming ride to the cabin with my arms wrapped tightly around him. So I guess in the end, I did get to ski, probably in the most dangerous way I could have. 🙂

Tonight, we are making a fondue, Savoie-style, with cheese and white wine. And tomorrow, we make our way back to the sea.

What a week! I’ll give it some thought and maybe write a better recap when we get home. Here’s the last bunch of pictures from today…including two love letters in the snow. 🙂











2 thoughts on “Love Letters in the Snow

  1. Great pics! Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Have a safe trip home tomorrow/today as the case may bee.

  2. Your photos and writing are beautiful and fun. Like you!
    And I hope you’ve had some fun conversing in french this week too.

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