Postmodern Roccoco

Your inspiration for this morning: Kris Kuksi, best known for his elaborate assemblages with an apocalyptic, quasi-religious bent. There are some writers out there who, when you read them, make you want to write (Richard Brautigan comes to mind) and some artists who make you want to make art, and for me Kris Kuksi is one of those artists. Here are some images of his work, but please visit his official site for much, much more. Kris Kuksi





Here’s some Richard Brautigan for you too. There needs to be more unexpected magic in the world.

Yes, the Fish Music
A trout-colored wind blows
through my eyes, through my fingers,
and I remember how the trout
used to hide from the dinosaurs
when they came to drink at the river.
The trout hid in subways, castles,
and automobiles. They waited patiently for the dinosaurs to go away.

-Richard Brautigan


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