Baby Love

Just a quick note. It’s after midnight here in France and I write fueled by a customary insomnia and an unusual excitement! We had another doctor appointment; it was wonderful and we got more images of our new little peanut, and a big surprise: last month the doctor was “eighty percent sure” it was a girl, but we got confirmation to never discount that last twenty percent. 🙂 We are completely excited (my husband may or may not have let loose a little “Wooohooooo!”) Anyway, to show progress: this is last month:


And these are from today:



I’m too excited to sleep. Isn’t 3D imaging amazing?

Anyway (especially for you, Mike!) – I’ll get back into some writing, real writing, tomorrow. We have a two day wine festival in Montpellier that we’re working so I’ll grab some of the slow moments to try to get some real work done. 🙂

In the meantime, anyone have any really good French boy names?


3 thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. Thanks for the mention Laurie. We really do value your writings, especially about you and your new life (both meanings) there in France. (I said that with a bad accent.) I would be good with Jean Luc also. Yes, we are fans, especially Kay!

  2. Soooo cute!!! Love the imaging available to almost-parents these days. And congratulations either way since both kinds are precious. I know from experience, having a daughter first, followed by two boys.
    Being a bit of a Trekkie, I have to concur with Jean-Luc as a name possibility.
    Also anxiously awaiting more of your writings. (BTW, Mike’s grinning)

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