Glassblowing in advertising

Some fun videos for this morning; glassblowing in advertising! One from Jarritos (which, in addition to being awesome, features, yes, stop-animation Mexican puppets blowing glass accordions and motorcycles, so pretty much a double-WIN in my book. Triple win. This commercial wins ALL THE THINGS.)

Here’s one for Stella Artois…kind of pretentious in the same way I think most Stella ads are, but hilarious in that it implies that most glassblowers would be able to put on an Armani suit and order a Stella after…painting gold leaf? On their handblown goblet? Silly. We put all our money into buying the gold leaf, so we drink PBR sitting on the bench, and we open the bottle with the back of our jacks. Naturally. 🙂

The next: an oldie, but still just wonderful, back when Conan returned to the air after the whole Tonight Show…THING, whatever that was. He stars as a Venetian maestro, hand-blowing his APPLAUSE sign…because, attention to detail and craft, right? It’s basically amazing in every way…any glassblower can see he is “working” freezing cold orange colored glass instead of the real thing, but the whole thing is pulled off rather well. Particularily the frustrated genius CASTING his masterpiece to the ground for a minor imperfection – who hasn’t done that before, amirite? 😉

I love how in all of these, the handmade is associated with timeless quality, balance, craft, and technical perfection..qualities that are then implied for the product as well. I think handblown glass means the same for those of us that have pursued this craft. Have you ever seen industrial glass, though? How it’s made? It’s pretty beautiful in its own right. I give you: the Owens bottle machine. Invented in 1903, it is still the primary way bottles are manufactured in the world, so efficient that it could produce 240 bottles PER MINUTE.

Cool stuff!


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