Glas by Bert Haanstra (1958)

“Glas” won master film maker Bert Haanstra an Academy Award® for Best Short Documentary in 1959. The film contrasts the production of hand made crystal from the Royal Leerdam Glass Factory with automated bottle making machines in the Netherlands.

The contrast between industrial production and the light, improvised jazz score is fantastic, and the artistry that these men bring to the production of glass objects is a good pairing to the jazz musicians’ musicality and phrasing. It’s just beautiful, and I think the film-making has really held up over time. Enjoy!

“Director Biography:
Bert Haanstra (May 1916 – October 1997), was an internationally acclaimed Dutch film maker with a career spanning four decades. Though he made several forays into fictional cinema, it is his documentaries, which cast a sidelong and often idiosyncratic glance at the human animal, for which he is best known.

Director: Bert Haanstra
Producer: Government of the Netherlands

Running Time: 10 minutes



One thought on “Glas by Bert Haanstra (1958)

  1. I have seen many parts of this film before at various times. Very well done! The music fits quite well. Moving, moving, always moving. Hands dancing.

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