Paper Vase

One more for you guys…another Tomas Libertiny work. I am a little obsessed with material specificity and how an artist can transform mundane materials into something completely magical. This video is hypnotic, spell-binding and just lovely…the gluing of paper into individual blocks which are then pressed, cut, and carved away into a vessel, turned on a lathe like a wooden bowl.

Part of why I think contemporary craft is so interesting is this focus and primacy of material and process as central to the understanding of a piece, not peripheral: the acknowledgement that the meaning of a piece of art cannot be separated from its making. I’m left cold by art objects presented in museums as finished works with none of this context…the process of making is performative, lovely, and implied in the finished work. (Subcontracting the manufacture and fabrication of your work out to faraway anonymous foundries and factories as most big-name contemporary artists do loses this context, in my opinion. It doesn’t mean their work is not valid…just that it’s different. And it speaks to a different part of the soul and the imagination.)

Anyway, enjoy. Can you believe those beautiful curls of paper on the floor?


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